Meet the new Talks page

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As part of our 5th anniversary, we’ve rolled out some improvements to the Talk page on TED.com — the place where many people first encounter a TEDTalk.

Most noticeable: in the right-hand column, you’ll see we’ve rearranged how we show you the talk description and the short speaker bio. Click on one of the little arrows to open each section. To close it, just open another section (it never fully “collapses”).

The big excitement for us is, this design lets us showcase a feature we’ve offered for years but that never got enough love: our amazing Interactive Transcript. Go on, click it open, and you’ll see a full text of the talk in English. Click anywhere within that text, and the video jumps to that very spot. It’s magic. Use the pulldown menu to see what other languages the Talk has been translated into (more translations appear over time), and you’ll see the same clickable magic in multiple languages.

We’re hoping this design helps you navigate and enjoy TEDTalks even more. And we’re eager for your feedback — here in the comments or on Twitter.