Meet the TED2011 house band

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The TED2011 House Band, six students from Berklee College of Music's City Music program. Photo: TED / James Duncan Davidson

Sunday was the first onsite rehearsal for the TED2011 house band, six young stars from Berklee College of Music’s City Music program. These musicians, most still in high school, come from New York, New Jersey, Boston, Philly and Cleveland, and they’ve been getting together every weekend for a month to get ready for this gig. The band is … Wallace Roney IV, trumpet, a sophomore at Mont Clair High School in New Jersey:

… Solomon Samson-Hicks, guitar, a student at the Music & Performing Arts High School in New York City:

… Langston Maxwell, drums, a junior at Orange High School outside Cleveland, Ohio:

… Jordan Isaiah Williams, keyboards, a sophomore at Cheltenham High School near Philadelphia:

… Antonio Robinson, bass, an 8th-grade honor student at the Spruce Hill Christian School in Philadelphia:

… and Gregory Groover Jr., sax, a senior at the Boston Arts Academy:

Below, the band’s artistic director and lead teacher, Winston Maccow, left, talks with TED’s musical director, Thomas Dolby, at rehearsal: