Meet the TEDGlobal 2011 speakers

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Announcing the speaker lineup for TEDGlobal 2011 — happening July 11-15, 2011, in Edinburgh, and via webcast around the world. The 12 sessions of TEDGlobal expand on the overall conference theme, “The Stuff of Life,” with session titles such as “Bodies,” “Bad Guys,” “Coded Patterns” …

TEDGlobal is hosted by Bruno Giussani, TED’s European Director, and Chris Anderson, TED’s Curator, and as in Long Beach this year, two sessions will be guest-hosted: Session 5, “Emerging Order,” is hosted by rational optimist Matt Ridley (watch his TEDTalk from last year, about ideas having sex). And Session 8, “Embracing Otherness,” will be led by media pioneer Pat Mitchell, the co-host of last year’s TEDWomen conference.

Speakers include:

David Adjaye, Architect
Nadia al-Sakkaf, Journalist
Asaf Avidan, Singer/songwriter
Julia Bacha, Filmmaker
Michael Biddle, Plastic recycler
Phillip Blond, Political theorist
Paul Bloom, Psychologist
Alain de Botton, Philosopher
Karol Boudreaux, Economist
Joe Castillo, Sand artist
Pauline Chen, Transplant surgeon
Lee Cronin, Chemist
Danielle de Niese, Soprano
Anna Mracek Dietrich, Co-creator of a flying car
Hasan Elahi, Transparency artist
Peter Fankhauser, Roboticist
Niall Ferguson, Historian
Markus Fischer, Designer
Jeremy Gilley, Founder, Peace One Day
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Artist/designer
Malcolm Gladwell, Writer
Misha Glenny, Crime expert
Ben Goldacre, Science writer
Alison Gopnik, Child development psychologist
Robert Gupta, Violinist
Harald Haas, Technologist
Justin Hall-Tipping, Science investor
Jo Hamilton, Singer
Balazs Havasi, Pianist
Charles Hazlewood, Conductor
Yasheng Huang, Economist
Mikko Hypponen, Cyber-security expert
Robin Ince, Comedian
Allan Jones, Neuroscientist
Ben Kacyra, Digital preservationist
Cynthia Kenyon, Expert on ageing
Todd Kuiken, Biomedical engineer
Jae Rhim Lee, Artist
Neil MacGregor, British Museum director
Rebecca MacKinnon, Media activist
Jarreth Merz, Filmmaker
Pamela Meyer, Deception detective
Elizabeth Murchison, Cancer specialist
Maajid Nawaz, Anti-extremism activist
Thandie Newton, Actor
Svante Pääbo, Geneticist
Mark Pagel, Linguist
Annie Murphy Paul, Science writer
Eddi Reader, Singer
Yves Rossy, Jetman
Sanjit ‘Bunker’ Roy, Educator
Alice Russell, Singer
Josette Sheeran, Director UN Food Program
Shohei Shigematsu, Architect
Kevin Slavin, Algoworld expert
Paul Snelgrove, Marine biologist
Rory Stewart, Politician
Pavan Sukhdev, Banker
Marco Tempest, Techno-illusionist
Karen Tse, Anti-torture activist
Abraham Verghese, Writer and doctor
Vertigo Dance Company
Geoffrey West, Theorist
Richard Wilkinson, Public health researcher
Daniel Wolpert, Neuroscientist
Yang Lan, Media mogul
Paul Zak, Neuroeconomist