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Meet the TEDGlobal Fellows of 2012

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Want to know what’s going to happen next in the worlds of science, art, tech and more? Get to know the 2012 class of TEDGlobal Fellows and Senior Fellows in our downloadable guide (PDF).

Some 55 TEDGlobal Fellows and Senior Fellows will attend TEDGlobal next week. As director Tom Rielly writes:

Our Fellows truly embody this conference’s theme, Radical Openness. This group includes open-source engineers, artists, research scientists, inventors, human rights activists, NGO founders and two coral reef specialists. We also have a mathematician who’s created algorithms to detect early-stage Parkinsons from patients’ voice recordings alone, an extraordinary tap dancer who has founded a museum to help preserve a 100-year-old tradition, a 2012 Academy Award–winning documentary filmmaker, a tissue-engineering researcher, a percussive guitarist, an architect who’s designing a master plan for 2112’s self-sufficient New York City and many more extraordinary people.

At TEDGlobal you’ll also find the founders of organizations like Civic Center (urban design in New Orleans), Embrace (baby warmers), Working Villages (agriculture in eastern Congo), Ushahidi (open-source software tools to democratize information), Lemon (a digital finance organizer), Gopher Illustrated (an arts and culture magazine), Global Village Construction Set (a DIY civilization kit), AIDG (engineers helping in Haiti) and the African Prisons Project (human rights for prisoners in Uganda).

Our PDF guide includes Q&As, gorgeous images and contact info (TED Fellows make excellent speakers). It’s available in full-res and a version for low bandwidth.


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