Miro: Like TiVo for the Web, says Lifehacker


We’re fans of the Miro player at TED — in fact, you can download our customized TED Miro player right here, with seven channels of TEDTalks built in, as well as access to thousands more channels of web video and audio. Why use Miro? Aside from the touchy-feely goodness of using a free, open-source player built by a nonprofit, there’s this: It just works. If TED.com’s own player doesn’t agree with your system, or your PC doesn’t like MP4s, or you want a quick and easy way to download a bunch of TEDTalks at once, in the background, and store and play them — try Miro.

Gina Trapani runs through the Miro player’s virtues in a Lifehacker feature this week. She writes:

More and more independent producers are putting out fabulous video content on the web, but keeping up with it by visiting your favorite video hosting web site or in your regular feed reader can be almost impossible—but setting up Miro is like getting TiVo for web video.

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