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Mona Lisa 2.0: Raghava KK at TED2013

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Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Raghava KK: My 5 lives as an artist Raghava KK: My 5 lives as an artist

No stranger to the TED stage, Raghava KK returns with exciting updates on his work. Raghava is experimenting with EEG headsets that use brain waves to bring new, dynamic perspectives into his work. His upcoming works include: Mona Lisa 2.0, whose face changes based on Raghava’s mood; a depiction of Gandhi that changes based on whether you agree or disagree with him; a red artwork that uses brainwaves to see every shade between red and blue; and Venus 2.0, who you can choose to cover up or uncensor. Raghava concludes of this work: “Whether you love it or hate it, I hope they’ll always be a place for you in it.”