More TED Moments

Last week, we posted an entry called Sharing TED Moments, recollecting the most magical Monterey moments. The post drew some great anecdotes from TEDsters, including:

  • Diego Rodriguez: Having lunch with Burt Rutan. Seeing the look of surprise on his face when I told him that he was one of my inspirations when I was a teenager, one of the big reasons I studied mechanical engineering.
  • Bruno Giussani: Arriving at the Monterey theatre for the session on “Sex and War” and finding a marquee announcing: “Now showing Vertigo; next: The Terminator
  • Ben Saunders: Sirena Huang’s quiet moment of thought after Chris’ request for an encore had me on the edge of my seat, Majora Carter’s heartfelt passion put a lump in my throat, Rives’ final performance gave me goosebumps, and I was on the verge of giving a solo simulcast standing ovation to Sir Ken Robinson.
  • David Hornik: Despite years as a lawyer and VC, I’m still a musician at heart … And the music at TED this year did not disappoint … I particularly enjoyed the collaboration between Ethel and Jill Sobule (the patrol saint of musical storytelling) and only wish there had been more. [David: You’ll be happy to know Ethel and Jill are now planning a more formal collaboration. Watch this space …]

TED Curator Chris Anderson jumped in, adding a long list of his personal TED Moments, including: “The electrifying Rick Warren/Dan Dennett match up … Thomas Dolby’s astounding rendition of “his song” … Bursting into tears 15 seconds into Sirena’s first piece … Seeing three standing ovations for our TED Prize winners.”

And elsewhere on the web, Christopher Herot posted this classic:

At the Friday night party at the Monterey Aquarium I found myself sitting in front of a tank of giant fish discussing string theory with Meg Ryan, Brian Greene and Thomas Stat. As we got into the origin of the universe and whether there was a larger purpose to existence (…) not one but two people brought up what the Dalai Lama had told them about the topic in personal conversations they had had …

Any more TED moments to share?