Natalie MacMaster at the Cape Cod Melody Tent

Every summer I escape California for Cape Cod in hopes of injecting my kids with a little bit of the East Coast.  After settling in with the troupes, I quickly check the local papers to see what music and theater is playing during our stay.  I’ve gotten pretty lucky in past years and this year was no exception.  What did I see was playing?  A double bill of two of my favorite performers — Bela Fleck and Natalie MacMaster.  I have seen Bela Fleck play live a number of times before and am always blown away by his creativity and versatility (on the banjo, no less).  But as virtuosic as Bela Fleck is, the star of this show was Natalie MacMaster.  As she did at TED2002 and TED2003, Natalie won over the audience with her charm and exuberance (and a little bit of step-dancing) and then blew everyone away with her astonishing bowing technique, engrossing melodies and the pure musicality of her joyous music.  If Natalie comes to your town, you must drop everything and go hear her play.  You will thank me.