New playlist: A Taste of TED2011


In this new Theme on, catch up on TEDTalks from speakers who are coming to TED2011 with something fresh to share.

Interestingly, only some of these speakers have appeared at a TED; others come from TEDx, from our content partners, or from the Best of the Web series. We’re pulling great ideas from all over, and it will be thrilling to have them in one place at TED2011.

Also: Learn more about the thoughts and fascinations of our two guest curators, Juan Enriquez and Bill Gates, who are each assembling a session of TED2011. Themselves veterans of the TED stage, Gates and Enriquez will be exploring topics close to their hearts. In Gates’ case: education, world health, deep knowledge; Enriquez will be looking at new science and medicine, new art and new stories.