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New TED Book: When I’m 164

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TED Book: When I'm 64How long do you want to live, and why? These are the questions that bestselling author and science writer David Ewing Duncan asks as he surveys the emerging science of radical life extension — from genetics and regeneration to machine solutions. In When I’m 164: The New Science of Radical Life Extension and What Happens If It Succeeds, Duncan considers the pluses and minuses of doubling our average life span. He explores the impact that living to be 150+ might have on our cities, social services and wallets, as well as what happens to love, curiosity and general health with a population that has lived well over a century.

“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m … ”

Do you have the classic line from The Beatles song stuck in your head, too? Stay tuned to the TED Blog for a Q&A with David Ewing Duncan.