New: TEDWeekends on Huffington Post, a place to explore ideas

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Imagine a book club for TED Talks … and you’ll know why we’re excited to launch TEDWeekends, a new way to explore ideas on the Huffington Post.

Each weekend, we’ll take one great TED Talk and surround it with a range of reactions. Look for essays from the speakers themselves, Huffington Post bloggers — and you! Because ideas are not set in stone. When exposed to thoughtful people, discussed and reacted to, they morph and adapt and become ever more potent.

Check it out now:

We’re excited to watch ideas develop in real time through your voice. As TED’s Curator, Chris Anderson, describes it:

Here’s our plan. Every weekend for the next year, we’ll introduce a theme, anchored to a TEDTalk we think has at its core a powerful and timely concept. But rather than simply offering it up as is, we’re opening it up to you to write your own post about it, leave comment behind, and help refine it, asking questions like:

– how is this relevant now?
– what are its real-world implications?
– how might this idea be used to shape the future?
– what are the main criticisms that could be leveled at it?
– how can it be improved?
– how can it be spread?

If you’d like to contribute to future TEDWeekend themes as a blogger, write to

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