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New to the TED2014 speaker lineup…

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, “The Next Chapter,” is less than a month away, and four new speakers have been added to the program. Here, get to know just a little bit about them.

First, Peggy Liu will join session 3, “Reshape,” to talk about how environmentalism is a must in China. But do not expect to hear words like “sustainable” or “collaborative consumption,” as Liu takes issue with the vocabulary typically used to talk about responsibility to the environment. As she wrote on The Huffington Post last year, “We need to speak to the heart, not to the head.”

Isabel Allende is a familiar face to many TEDsters—she shared her “Tales of passion” at TED2007. A novelist and memoirist, Allende tells stories that are intensely personal, even sensual, while also sweeping in scoop. She’ll speak during session 10, “Passion,” about desire and aging.

Mentor/author Shaka Senghor can usually be found talking one-on-one with young men who are headed down violent paths, but in session 10, he will step on the TED stage to give a fresh perspective on prisons, rehabilitation and the patterns of troubled communities. He offers unique insights, as he spent 19 years on the inside.

And finally, Sarah Lewis is also joining session 10. Lewis thinks deeply about creativity and will share surprising thoughts on rethinking failure.

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