Announcing TED's Open TV Project

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Tonight, we’re thrilled to announce TED’s newest initative in sharing great ideas with the world: the Open TV Project. Announced this evening at Web 2.0 in San Francisco, the TED Open TV Project will bring TEDTalks to broadcast TV networks around the globe.

The TED Open TV Project has already signed up dozens of broadcasters around the world, whose collective audience numbers in the hundreds of millions. Built in response to strong demand from TV station managers around the world, TED’s Open TV Project allows broadcasters to air TEDTalks for free, and encourages them to create custom programs for their communities.

“Since we first launched TEDTalks, our goal has been to distribute on all available video platforms; anywhere people watch video, we want them to watch TEDTalks. And the fact is, people everywhere still watch an awful lot of TV,” says June Cohen, Executive Producer of Media for TED. “In particular, TV is a very effective way to reach the developing world, where low internet penetration and slow connections make online video impractical. But most important, the TED Open TV Project continues TED’s guiding philosophy of radical openness.”

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