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Yesterday, Twitter user @ademoor wrote:

Thinking of organizing a #TEDtalk video night w/ some friends. What’s your absolute favorite must-see talk?

Great question! We RT’ed on @TEDNews. And the replies are worth sharing:

@WackyFiasco: I really appreciated Dan Gilbert’s talk on happiness

@ozteethtweet: hans rosling, can’t get enough, all the world’s problems explained with some amazing graphics, what’s best, gives you hope!

@Cathy_Blackler: the danger of relying on a single story – so powerful for my continuation HS students

@CTStorytelling: a single story when many are needed was awesome!

@lukaszpira: #AimeeMullins is great… #DavidBlaine : whaow ! both give good lessons of life.

@MichaelEasom: Philip Zimbardo and Richard Dawkins TED talks.

@florisvc: the Neil Gershenfeld talk about fablab

@archsaraf: Sir Ken Robinson on Education and Shashi Tharoor on Soft Power

@adfurlan: A must see #TEDtalk: The car for the blind driver by Dennis Hong

@DerMoosealini: David McCandless “The beauty of data visualization” always cheers me up

@jeffpiazza: Sagmeister’s “Power of Time Off

@rozilevi: sarah kay, helen fisher, elif shafak

@garb: favorite TED talk? I have to say Jill Bolte Taylor‘s stroke of insight talk. Also Hans Rosling at TEDWomen.

@ZeeshanSuhail: anything by hans rosling, the one with the woman suffering paralysis attack and lived to recover, and the one by reddit founder

@ChristopherM00: my favorite #TED talk is @CameronHerold‘s lets raise kids to be entrepreneurs

@joeknape: Roger Ebert: Remaking my voice

@DVHeld: Sir Ken Robinson‘s

@3treescoffee: The first Ken Robinson

@jclynnlynn: @DVHeld @3treescoffee @ademoor Sir Ken Robinson +1

@DVHeld: @jclynnlynn @ademoor Yeah, the 3 listed in his TED profile are awesome and inspiring

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