Over 1,000 translations of TEDTalks

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As of today, TEDTalks have been translated over 1,000 times, with more than twice that many translations in progress. The TED Open Translation Project has seen great success since its launch in May, recruiting almost 1,500 new volunteer translators and constantly adding new languages. Thanks to the efforts of translators around the world, TEDTalks can now be viewed in over 50 languages.


Today, we’d like to highlight the voices of our dedicated volunteer translators. Here are a few excerpts from their emails to us:

For me, TED is a inspirational tool which fuels me with new ideas and inspiration. I wanted to share all the inspiration and thoughts with the world in my native language. I used to write inspirational posts in Tamil in my blog too. By translating TED talks, I can enable my native people get to know all these great ideas and it is an idea worth spreading, I reckon. — Tharique

I KNOW that TED is the media support of the 21st century. The contents of your segments are essential for humankind to progress towards peace. It is vital for humankind growth of consciousness and it is aligned with my vision of the world I wish to live in. Allowing more people to have access to your programs makes me an active element to build a better world, a better humankind, a better life.Aline

Under my perspective, Brazil suffers from a great lack of knowledge sources in its educational system. I believe that translating TED will provide a new teaching and research tool that might inspire a educational revolution around the country. Bold thinking, I know, but if there is something that I learned from TED Talks is that you can’t be afraid to aim high. — Henrique

I believe that access to knowledge is important. Some TED talks have changed my perspective on social and environmental issues, and I hope to help spread the word in Romania as well. I truly believe TED can have an influence in what the world will look like tomorrow, and I am willing to help as much as I can. — Carmen

Ideas are the most valuable things we have, and I think that making them accessible to as many people as possible is very important. — Martin

An enormous thank you to all the translators who have contributed and continue to contribute, driven only by their passion for spreading ideas.

To see their hard work in action, watch Hans Rosling’s talk on the best stats you’ve ever seen, our most translated talk to date. To become a volunteer translator, visit the Open Translation Project homepage.