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Packable philanthropy: Donate a TEDx in a Box

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What is a TEDx in a Box, you ask? It’s a suitcase stuffed with everything an economically marginalized community needs to host their very own TEDx event — a projector, an iPod preloaded with subtitled TED Talks, a sound system, camcorders to capture fresh talks, and a how-to guide. TEDx in a Box was an idea that originated at TEDxKibera, a vibrant event held in the slums of Nairobi. With TEDx in a Box, individuals in the developing world and other underserved areas are delivered all the resources they need for an event, packaged into a portable box designed by IDEO. So far, boxes have been shipped to organizers in Ecuador, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, India and Pakistan — and counting.

In a new twist, members of the TED community can now donate a TEDx in a Box, which costs $2,000 USD, including shipping. It’s a great outlet for anyone who wants to inspire learning in an underserved community. It’s also a fantastic way for TEDx organizers who find themselves with leftover funds to pass the baton. Find out how to donate a TEDx in a Box » 

Do you live in a economically marginalized community where a TEDx in a Box would help you host an event? We’d love to match you with a donor. Read the requirements for receiving a TEDx in a Box here and then apply for a license through the TEDx website »