Pangea Cinema: A wish in progress

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PangeaWhen Jehane made her TED Prize wish to bring the world together for one day a year through the power of film, we decided the only way to do it was to really do it, in a big, noticeable way. We partnered with Steve Apkon of the Jacob Burns Film Center, America’s most successful non-profit cultural arts center, who came up with a plan to pull this off, and concluded that it will cost US$10 million over 5 years. How to raise the money? Individuals can fund the roll-out of this wish in any country on the planet by becoming a Goodwill Ambassador to that country; the cost is proportionate to the population. Thanks to TEDster Richard Fox and his team at Pinstripe Media, we have a temporary Pangea Cinema site up, with details and costs of sponsoring each country. If you’re interested in funding a piece of this wish, email amy(at)ted(dot)com.