Photos from An Inconvenient Truth Screening

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TEDsters spotted at the An Inconvenient Truth Screening: (from left to right Truth Producer Lawrence Bender, V.C. Vinod Kholsa, now investing in alternative energy, and the lovely Gwen Campbell; TED Curator Chris Anderson; TEDPrize 2006 winner Cameron Sinclair; former American India Foundation exec Lakshmi Pratury, who is starting a new conference about the best of Indian culture; Ecofabulous’s Zem Joaquin; XPrize Foundation’s Peter Diamandis and Audrey Weedon, up from L.A.; AD:Tech’s Susan Bratton;  Investor Greg Shove;  PhoneWorks CEO Anneke Seeley (my sister’s best friend); David Belden & Christa Grenwalt; Sam Perry; and Nicole Ledered.

Mark_dwight_photo_menlo_park_screeningAlso on hand were: Timbuk2 CEO Mark Dwight (pictured) Stanford’s Stu Gannes and his daughter;
Long Now Foundation’s Stewart Brand; Marketing wiz David Hoffman; Spike
Source CEO Kim Polese; WIRED Editor-in-Chief Chris Anderson whose
long-awaited book The Long Tail bows in June; Ed Driscoll; Laura
Moorhead; Kristin Windbigler; and TED team members June Cohen, Amy
Novogratz, and Tom Rielly.