Piano For 10 Hands

What would
it have been like if the von Trapps had played piano instead of sung? Well, for one, the hills would not likely
have been quite so alive. That would
have required a whole lot of piano lugging. But they still would have made a heck of a splash. While I’m not sure that they’ll be playing a
Sound of Music medley any time soon, you have to check out The 5 Browns.
Ryan, 20 years old, Melody, 21,
Gregory 23, Deondra, 25 and Desirae, 27, all attended Juilliard School of Music. They weren’t the first siblings to attend Julliard
together, but they were the first family to have 5 siblings study at Juilliard
simultaneously. I must admit that when I
found my way to their website, I was pretty darn skeptical. 5 piano-playing siblings is cute, but is it
good music?  I’ll let you judge for yourself but there is no doubt that this family
has some serious chops.  Check out this video.