Play with the “Talk to Strangers” web toy! Animation for TEDGlobal 2012 Session 8

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Director’s statement: “An online application that allows strangers to talk to each other using a new typeset alphabet made entirely out of people. A tribute to typography, craftsmanship and relations between humans, people.” — Giuliano Garonzi

Production: Peter Lundgren – T-Post –
Concept / Direction / Design: Giuliano Garonzi –
Story: Tony Arcabascio –
Web concept: Anders Gunnarsson – Subpublic – and Giuliano Garonzi –
Photography: Stella Karlsson –
Grade: David Lundmark –
Retouch: Jegor Svensson, Jonatan Rask, Johan Wallerström – Squidpix –
Screen print: Janne Löfgren – Screen Center Umeå –
Shooting assistance: Erik Karlsson
Shooting arrangements: Jasjit Singh

Shot with the support of Umeå Institute of Design –

Agency: WE ARE Pi
Planner: Alex Bennett-Grant
Producer: Jamie Nami Kim
Creative Directors: Hobson-Chant