Powerful first-person reports from Pakistan, from TED’s Chris Anderson

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  • Chris Anderson, curator of TED, was born in Pakistan, and last week, he and the Acumen Fund’s Jacqueline Novogratz, his wife, spent several days in the flood zones there. They visited refugee camps and flooded villages, spoke to local aid workers and unusual volunteers, and collected many stories that simply aren’t being told by world media — stories of personal heroism and commitment in the face of this massive tragedy.

    Chris has been aggregating these stories on his personal blog, interspersed with his own on-the-ground reports, photo and video. It’s a powerful read, with more to come throughout the week as more stories come in. Above is a short video Chris shot, of a refugee camp at Thatta; below is a shocking video sent by Dr. Awab Albi of the deplorable conditions at a pediatric ward in Shikarpur.


  • If you’re moved by these reports to get involved, Chris recommends starting at On the Ground in Pakistan.