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Powerful quotes from the Charter for Compassion launch

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Pulled from Twitter coverage of the live Charter event:

“Compassion is a dangerous dream beacause it rocks the foundations of old interests and gives us new ground to stand on.” Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell

“In this room, we have words that make a difference between death and life. Words can bring life and words can kill.” – Rev. Peter Storey

“This is the most collaborative undertaking of religious communities in history.” – Rabbi David Saperstein

“We often talk about one corner of the world as the holy land. The whole world is the holy land.” – Rev. Peter Storey

“The Charter is a hit song. Melody, rhythm, groove.” -Pakistani musician Salman Ahmad #compassion [let’s dance]

“This is the world’s now. We’re giving it away. What will you do to spread compassion?” Rev. Dr. Joan Brown Campbell

Photo: The Charter for Compassion plaque at the Ghandiji Ashram, Penang, Malaysia.