Project “It Gets Better”

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Yesterday, we featured Texan councilman Joel Burns as one of our Best of the Web picks. His courageous talk at the Fort Worth city council is part of a larger project begun in September by columnist Dan Savage and called “It Gets Better.” In reaction to recent teen suicides, Savage and his partner Terry Miller posted a video to YouTube, sharing their personal stories of life after high-school and encouraging others to do the same. The project took off, and today has its own website featuring hundreds of touching testimonials to tell gay teens who are currently being bullied that life will eventually get better.

These include emotional and revealing talks by celebrities like Project Runway‘s Tim Gunn, blogger Perez Hilton, Bravo network exec Andy Cohen, singer-songwriter Jewel, the cast of the musical Wicked and many more.

Here’s the original video by Savage and Miller:


For a great curated list of the best of the “It Gets Better” project, check out these 17 picks from The Advocate

Or, take a look at the brilliant answer teens have generated: The Make it Better Project.

UPDATE: The staff of Google have also released a video that’s well worth watching. Click through to see some of the tech world speak out >>