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Adventures in food: Q&A with Marcel Dicke, from Design Mind

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The new issue of design mind has a great Q&A with today’s TEDTalks speaker, Marcel Dicke, in which he shares his first bug-eating experience:

design mind: What were the first insects you ever tried?
Marcel Dicke: It was dried, fried termites that Arnold van Huis brought back from Africa, where he’d been working. We were traveling by train, and someone sitting in our compartment looked at us as if we were completely nuts. He packed up and left in such a hurry he forgot his coat!

Read the full interview, conducted by Karen Eng of Tunza magazine, in design mind >>

Online, the story is paired with an endearing interview with Heribert Watzke, who studies the brain in our guts. Watch Heribert’s TEDTalk and then read this Q&A with design mind‘s editor, Sam Martin.