Quiz show: Listen to TED's June Cohen on the BBC's Digital Planet

At SXSW this past weekend, June Cohen, Executive Producer of TED Media, joined an Internet celebrity quiz show by the BBC radio show Digital Planet. She was paired with Jay Adelson of Digg, and the team ultimately triumphed over tech journalist Bill Thompson and We the Media author Dan Gillmor (in a very friendly face-off).

Listen to the quiz show here >>

June and Jay particularly excelled at the game “App or Mishap,” weeding out the real applications from those the panel made up. The final round — omitted from the broadcast — posed the provocative question, “What technology would you like invented? Or uninvented?” June offered two possibilities, one small and easy; one big and difficult. The big and difficult: “Instantaneous, accurate translation online. Nothing would do more to promote peace on this planet.” The small and easy: “An email recall button, for those moments when you realize you accidentally cc:ed the person you were writing about.”