Remembering Felix Dennis, 1947-2014

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We want to remember Felix Dennis, who passed away this week at the age of 67, as he’d probably wish—with this trenchant, funny aside from his 2004 TED Talk.

“You guys, you know, you’re going to totally transform everything. Cloning will transform everything. Voice navigation will transform everything …

But human nature doesn’t change, mate. My friends, human nature is exactly the same as it was when my ancestor — probably it was my ancestor — got his hands around the neck of the last Neanderthal, and battered the bastard to death. You think we didn’t do that? Oh, we did. We killed every single one of them. Inch by inch we killed them. We hunted them down wherever they were. Rivals for meat. Rivals for berries. We’re still doing it, with all of the genius assembled in this room. Our natures haven’t changed a single iota. And they never will. Even when we’ve got off this little planet, and have put some of our eggs in some other baskets.”