Remembering John Wooden

Coach John Wooden has died, at 99. His 2001 TEDTalk has drawn some of the most heartfelt and thoughtful comments on TED.com:

“What a wise and pleasant person. I am also tempted to say he represents ‘ old- fashioned decency’. ” — Shalom Freedman

“If I would have had a coach like him. If only we all would had a coach like him. If only other coaches would listen to what this man has to say. It’s some of the most inspiring talks I ever heard. Too bad there are so few people like him we can meet in a lifetime.” — Catalin Costea

“I have been coaching for over 20 years and I have to say that the older I get, the more I found that what ‘Coach’ says here is absolutely true. More and more I have modeled my team philosophy around the ideals that Mr. Wooden touches on here.
Amazing insight on what is truly important, and why athletic endeavors are an ideal environment to impart some of life’s greatest lessons.” — Christopher Morgan

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