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Remix web video with Popcorn Maker, launching today

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This morning at the Mozilla Festival in the UK, Mozilla launched their new web tool Popcorn Maker. (A beta version of Popcorn Maker debuted here on the TED Blog a couple weeks ago.)

With Popcorn Maker, you can choose a YouTube video and add notes, live links, Twitter feeds, photos, links out to Wikipedia … all within the video window. And all the editing takes place within your own web browser — no special software needed.

Jump in and play: Popcorn Maker. Or read more about the launch on the Mozilla Festival blog. (Follow tweets at #mozfest.)

We’ve been experimenting with Popcorn Maker here at TED; you can see below what the Mozilla team did to add lots and lots of data to Beau Lotto and Amy O’Toole’s recent TEDTalk:

In the TED Blog comments, Ricardo Calil shared an elegant way to refine the user experience, by adding pauses to take in the new information. In the short clip below, he shows two techniques for using pauses:

What would you do? Share your work in the comments …

Popcorn Maker is part of Mozilla’s inspiring Webmaker program, which hopes to help build the next generation of creators on the web — from making simple web pages with Thimble to fooling around with code using X-Ray Goggles.