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Report from TEDGlobal Session 1: Global Century


It’s time for TED! Above, TED’s curator, Chris Anderson, and European director, Bruno Giussani, welcome everyone in the theater, in simulcast, on the livestream and following on Twitter and the blog to TEDGlobal 2010.


Joseph Nye talks about the idea of “soft power” — the ability to change the world without using threats or money. The problem for nations now: How do we define our national interests so they produce international public good?


The civil rights issue of this century, says Sheryl WuDunn, is equal rights for women and girls: “In the last half century, more women were discriminated to death than died on all battlefields.” Why invest in gender equality? Because it’s transformative, it builds economies.


Naif Al-Mutawa tells the surprisingly deep story of a group of superheroes — The 99, characters based on 99 virtues of Islam. And this fall, the Justice League of America will meet The 99, Muslim superheroes. Holy crossover, Batman!


Nic Marks started with a powerful insight: in movies, most of our visions of the future are apocalyptic, dystopian. It’s time to start writing a future that is happier. He and his group study and measure national happiness. What countries are best at creating happiness without wasting resources? He says: Latin American countries, especially Costa Rica.

PS: After his talk, Nic tweeted from @nefwellbeing Feel so privileged to have given a TEDTalk. Couldn’t have gone better – don’t think I forgot anything. Feel the happiest person on the planet.


Cartoonist Patrick Chappatte: I’m a newspaper cartoonist. You’ve heard of newspapers? Sort of a paper-based reader?

Photos: TED / James Duncan Davidson, Robert Leslie