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Report from TEDGlobal Session 11: The Tiny Blue Dot


Johan Rockstroem calls for transformative change in the way we treat the environment. He says we’re putting a quadruple squeeze on the planet: Population growth, climate agenda, ecosystem decline and the element of surprise.


Vice-president of WWF, Jason Clay is not just encouraging consumers to buy sustainable products, but leveraging companies to create a future where all that exists is sustainable product.


Photographer Rachel Sussman shows her long-ranging project to document the oldest organisms in the world, all over 2,000 years old, from baobab trees to brain corals.


Senior TED Fellow Rachel Armstrong wants to create technologies that could make a positive impact on the environment, like solar panels that can make biofuels and buildings that can fix carbon dioxide.


Ze Frank talks about his endearing web projects, from the portait series Project YoungMeNowMe to the volunteer remixes he collected of a song written by a dad for a frustrated daughter. Ultimately, he says, what we’re trying to do is connect with other people, and it’s happening — virtually.


Astronomer Dimitar Sasselov reveals the Kepler telescope findings. He says planets like Earth are out there and we may be able to determine which are habitable.