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Report from TEDGlobal Session 12: Waging Peace

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Founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange talks to Chris Anderson about the controversial nature of his website’s practice of finding and releasing classified documents to the public.


Stefan Wolff says that ethnic conflict and civil war have been in overall decline in recent years. But, we need leaders who are willing and able to make peace, civil society and honest institutions to end conflict.


Eric Berlow wants us to recognize the difference between complexity and complication. If you step back, embrace complexity and take in the whole picture, you may find patterns that will lead you to simple solutions.


William Perrin lived in the rough neighborhood of King’s Cross, London. He explains that instead of moving he set up a website to help with local campaigning and drive community action, and people took notice.


Malika Sarabhai uses dance to express the voices of women everywhere.


Zainab Salbi says that we are missing the critical stories of women who keep everyday life going while wars are happening. She says these voices must be heard at the negotiating table and we must invest in women and girls to build peace.