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Report from TEDGlobal Session 7: All Creatures Great and Small

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Founder of Barrington Park Estate Farms Adrian Dolby asks “Can organic farming feed the world?” He knows we’re failing to feed it today and thinks organic farming may be an opportunity.


Dutch artist and designer Christien Meindertsma wanted to see how all the parts of a pig are used in our modern industrial society, so she tracked pig number 05049 to see where it ended up and essentially created a product catalog of this little pig. The pig was an ingredient in 185 products, from low-fat butter to train brakes to a heart valve.


Thomas Dolby turns cowboy, playing selections off his new album Amerikana. See our special feature on his amazing band at TEDGlobal here >>


Wildlife biologist Toni Frohoff thinks we could learn a lot from the wisdom and humanity of whales and dolphins. She suggests that these animals are specially wired for intelligence, social complexity and empathy.


Marcel Dicke wants us to eat insects — they’re great sources of protein and better for the environment. And, we’ve been eating them for years anyway in all our processed foods. He also claims they can taste great!