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Report: TEDx Workshop at TEDGlobal 2010


On Monday afternoon more than 50 TEDx organizers from over 27 countries, along with a number of TEDFellows and TEDGlobal attendees, gathered at the TEDx Workshop at TEDGlobal 2010. TED’s Lara Stein welcomed the TEDx’ers, and TED Curator Chris Anderson both thanked TEDx organizers for their dedication to the year-old program and told them he was “in awe” of all the work they have done.

One by one — and sometimes two by two — 12 TEDx organizers took the stage and, framed by their event logos, talked about overcoming event-planning challenges, shaping TEDx to fit their cultures, and designing their events to have both local and global impact.

Michel Levy-Provencal of TEDxParis, whose 2010 gathering had 700 attendees, spoke on how to organize a large event. …

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