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As the TED team travels around the world hosting salons in 14 cities, we’re collecting great local stories. Here’s a quick report from TED@Nairobi, held May 5, 2012 at the Braeburn Theatre, and organized by Suraj Sudhakar  of TEDxKibera. Start with this Storify from Nanjira Sambuli that rounds up tweets from TED@Nairobi:


From the blog “Inflation, Stilettos, Pacifiers & An African Dream,” this generous and insightful blog post:

For 6 minutes, I learned about the bees that make it possible to have chocolate, built for pollination, and how they do it, for those minutes, I laughed and smiled, and took in the passion with which the story was told. For 6 minutes, I listened to Eric Wainana telling about finding an edge, in life, at work, in whatever it is you put your mind to. For 6 minutes, and another 6 minutes, and more 6 minutes after that, I regained an even bigger pride for Africa. If these people, who are not just beaming of great oratory skills have such passion and belief in what they are doing to make a better Africa, then the continent will change.

… and this news report from The East African:

Roll on TED. This is just the beginning.

Research: Larissa Green
Photo: What Took You So Long