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Risk and reward: Today’s TEDTalks playlist

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TED’s on its annual two-week vacation; during the break, we’re posting new playlists from the TEDTalks archive.

Today’s playlist weighs the risks and rewards of adventure. What would it take for you to bury yourself alive or ski through the Arctic — and what would you say when the world asks, “Why?” Ben Saunders is a modern-day Arctic explorer — skiing solo across the ice to the North Pole to raise awareness of climate change. He answers 3 frequently asked questions:

[ted id=89]

  • Forget what you think you know about David Blaine — and watch this passionate, disarming talk from TEDMED about his quest to hold his breath for 17 minutes.

    [ted id=741]

  • Roz Savage was looking to change her life. She found a challenge and a cause inside a tiny rowboat:

    [ted id=844]

  • During the worst disaster in the history of Mount Everest climbs, Ken Kamler was the only doctor on the mountain …

    [ted id=791]

  • What are your favorite stories about adventure in the TEDTalks archive? Add your suggestions for this playlist to the comments below, or email with the subject PLAYLIST: ADVENTURE. (Jog your memory with the TEDTalks spreadsheet.)

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    Curator of this playlist: Rachel Tobias