Scam alert related to “TED India,” “TED Studios India,” “TEDIND,” “TED Bharat” and “TED Coaches”

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TED has been alerted to a fraudulent marketing scam referred to as “TED India,” “TED Studios India,” “TEDIND,” “TED Studios,” “TED Bharat” and/or “TED Coaches” that have misrepresented that they are affiliated with the TED organization. These entities claim to produce TED events in India, most recently in Delhi in September 2023, and seek payment from individuals to speak at events or for TED coaching and TED franchise opportunities. These entities have no affiliation with TED, and are not authorized to speak or use TED branding in any way. Please do not engage with these organizations. The brands that we have found to be fake include: As a reminder, TED and TEDx never charge speakers to give talks. Any event that requires payment in exchange for the opportunity to speak is not an official TED event. TED also does not offer franchises or charge individuals to become TED coaches. Please be wary of any solicitations you receive claiming otherwise as such communications are not affiliated with TED and are likely a scam. If you have been contacted or involved with these organizations, please fill out this form so that we can track the fraudulent activities.