Scenes from the Associates feed

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Some 300 people watched the TEDGlobal 2009 Associates feed — including 100 of our founding volunteer translators, past TED Fellows and TEDx hosts. We loved seeing photos of people around the world watching the feed, and share a few below:

Theodor K writes: “Here is Klara, Theodor, and Isak from Denmark watching the windmill built by William. The best kind of upbringing is inspiration, so thank you TED’sters”:


Leandro Agró sends this from Milan, Italy, where he watched with, from left, Roberto Ostinelli | widetag.com ; Matteo Penzo | lineagialla.com ; Pancrazio Autieri | tvblob.com ; davide casali aka Folletto | im.digitalhymn.com ; Leandro Agrò, leeander.com | frontiers.idearium.org | widetag.com ; Luca Perugini | widetag.com ; GianAndrea Giacoma | ibridazioni.com :


Down in Sydney, Remo Giuffre reports: “It’s been hard to get my REMO warehouse elves here in Bondi to concentrate on their work come 5.30PM. That’s when we turn on the webstream.”


Thanks to all who watched and tweeted the TEDGlobal Associates webcast.