Live from TEDGlobal

Scenes from the first global TEDxLive event


The TEDx blog has a charming report on the TEDxLive events happening around the world during TEDGlobal:

For this year’s TEDGlobal, TEDx organizers were offered the chance to host a TEDxLive — a gathering around a live webcast of the conference.

Among them was TEDxDubaiLive, who enjoyed TEDGlobal talks from Jamil Abu Wardeh and Naif Al-Mutawa, who both spoke at TEDxDubai.

At Boom Chicago, a comedy club in Amsterdam, TEDxAmsterdamLive hosted independant programming during TEDGlobal breaks, with local speakers and performers including Pim Betist of Africa Unsigned and composer Merlijin Twaalfhoven.

At TEDxChennaiLive, talks were interspersed with conversation and — when the power failed at TEDGlobal — they showed Richard John’s TEDTalk on “8 Secrets of Success” …

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