SETILive: 2012 Update on Jill Tarter’s TEDPrize wish

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Three years ago Jill Tarter wished that everyone would become citizen scientists, and help take part in the quest to find intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe.

At TED2012, astronomer Arfon Smith presented a new part of the wish. The Allen Telescope Array is looking for signals from extra terrestrial intelligence on radio frequencies, and a stream of realtime data comes into a spectacular new citizen science project – SETILive. They have just three minutes to classify the data coming in before the telescope moves on, and that’s where you come in. In those three minutes, citizen scientists like yourself can comb through the data looking for unusual signals.

In the past decade we have discovered an extraordinary number of planets orbiting other stars — 1,500 of them, in fact. We’ve discovered so many, we now believe other solar systems are commonplace. In December 2011, NASA announced the discovery of the first exoplanet in the “habitable zone” — a planet where liquid water can exist on the surface.

SETILive is targeting the 1500 Kepler candidates, looking for signs of life, and they need your help.

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