Shades of Openness: Opening animation for TEDGlobal Session 5

Brief: Stylistic, symbolic and metaphoric forms creating a visual poem about Radical Openness.

Director’s statement: “In our shades of openness introduction, we tried to hint at some of the factors we are culturally faced with today. The ever watching eye of both corporations and government, the secrets behind closed doors, and a continual mistrust of politicians and their ever expanding agendas. We also overlaid the piece with digital debris and static helping to not only reinforce the landscape we are living in today but the impermanence of it all.” — Nessim Higson

Creative Direction and Design – Nessim Higson
Animation – Joe Fleming and Nessim Higson
Music and Sound Design – Joe Johnson

Agency: WE ARE Pi
Planner: Alex Bennett-Grant
Producer: Jamie Nami Kim
Creative Directors: Hobson-Chant