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Share your idea for the City 2.0 — and apply for a $10,000 award to make it happen

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Updated: new deadline!

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Inspired by today’s TEDTalk from Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio? Share your own idea for leading your city into the future, and apply for a $10,000 award to help make it happen!

If you have a bold, creative project for your city, apply for one of ten (10) $10,000 awards from the TED Prize to push it forward. It’s all part of this year’s prize: The City 2.0. Find guidelines, judging criteria and application:

Due to the overwhelming response, we have changed the prize announcement timeline. Applications submitted before May 22 will be eligible for the first round of awards announced by TEDGlobal (end of June 2012.) Applications submitted thereafter will be reviewed and announced on website, on a rolling basis over the course of 2012.

Email with any questions.

From building bike lanes to monitoring air pollution to setting up skills centers for the unemployed, engaged citizens have great ideas for creating your own City 2.0. You can find them on

Find guidelines and judging criteria for the award below …

1. Projects should be based on creative ideas that can be replicated and spread to other cities.
2. A group of people, rather than just an individual, must be committed to the project. We encourage cross-disciplinary teams and will favor organizing groups that actively engage residents in their work.
3. Unproven concepts with a strong action plan are welcome. Our goal is to help people experiment and think big.
4. Projects that have already begun are eligible for the award. In fact, evidence of progress already made is a benefit.
5. All projects, whether successful or not, will need to report back to us on their progress and findings. Details will be provided to winners directly.
6. All projects must fit reasonably under one of the City 2.0 categories presented in the wish: inclusive, innovative, healthy, thriving, or soulful. You can learn more about what type of projects fit under these categories by looking at the ideas page (and using the filter) on

1. Is the project feasible given the organizing group and the plan? Bold ideas grounded in practical understanding are best.
2. Will the $10,000 make a significant contribution to kickstarting the project? It need not be the complete budget but it should not be too small of a percentage of the initial needs.
3. Is the concept, or key insights derived from it, replicable? What can be learned from this project that can be applied to other cities? Projects that help other people think differently about their own city, its challenges and possibilities, are best.
4. How does the outcome of the project impact the bigger vision of The City 2.0?

The City 2.0 is about connecting short-term action to long-term vision. A winning project is a possible solution or lesson in solving a larger challenge or reaching a larger goal.