Sketches of a TED event, by a storyboard artist

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Nesta Morgan is a storyboard artist. And while in the audience at a TED Salon in London in May, she found herself so inspired by several speakers that she took to sketching them — and their ideas —  as they spoke. Above, see Nesta’s sketch of today’s TEDTalk, “Pam Warhurst: How we can eat our landscapes.”

“I particularly enjoyed Pam’s talk, because I’m creating a vegetable patch myself, at home in London,” Nesta says. “The sketch shows our energy pods, the seeds of the future lighting our lives with their halo effect and the archway to the future where ‘every egg matters.’“

Below, see some of Nesta’s sketches from last year’s TED London Salon, matched with the TEDTalk to inspire your own creative interpretation …

Photographer Erik Johansson shares “impossible photography”
Explains Nesta, “I loved Erik’s fantastic work retouching images. Viewing his footage, I imagined dipping my toes into the water as a fish — not unlike putting a photo into developer fluid.”

Ad guru Rory Sutherland gives the talk “A Wiki Conversation”
Says Nesta, “A great discussion that I could just characterize with humor.” (Watch Rory’s talk “Perspective is everything.“)

CEO Lisa Harouni gives a primer on 3D printing”
Nesta says of her sketch, “The drawing? Supported by a skeleton of bones, shaped like china and bejeweled — our eye contact processes the imagination.”

To see more of Nesta’s work, head to her website Also, Nesta does sketch reports of film festivals — from the Cannes to Discovering Latin America — on her blog at the website