Speaker lineup for TEDYouth (and application deadline extended)

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Just announced: TEDYouth’s speaker lineup (so far) includes a MythBuster, an oceanographer turned viral video star, the “Science Babe,” and a roboticist who studies flying geckos — plus poets, musicmakers, geeks and writers — among the 20+ speakers who’ll join us November 19, 2011, at the Times Center in New York City.

The theme for TEDYouth is “Play, Learn, Build and Share.” 300 students from the New York area — and many more watching the livestream — will be inspired and challenged by these passionate speakers, who’ll inspire creativity, share mind-shifting stories, and engage the in-person and virtual audience in ways that every student deserves. Here’s the speaker lineup confirmed to date:

Adam Savage is a maker of things, building everything from spaceships to buddhas, from puppets to rifles, from sculptures to toys. He’s best known for his role as co-host of the TV show MythBusters on the Discovery channel. (Watch his talk on TED.com)

Robert Full studies cockroach legs and gecko feet. His research is helping build the perfect “distributed foot” for tomorrow’s robots, based on evolution’s ancient engineering. (Watch his TEDTalks)

David Gallo is pioneer in ocean exploration and an enthusiastic ambassador between the sea and those of us on dry land. (Watch his TEDTalks)

Brad Meltzer is a best-selling author whose writing focuses on political thrillers. Most recently, he is the co-host of the History Channel’s Decoded.

Déborah Berebichez, also known as “The Science Babe,” studies the science behind everyday life, like the physics of wearing high heels. (Watch her talk from TEDxEast)

Lemon Andersen is a Tony-winning performer and spoken-word artist who is also the subject of a newly released documentary film about his life called Lemon.

Leah Buechley is an MIT designer who mixes high and low tech to create smart and playful results.

Juan D. Martinez is a National Geographic Explorer who dedicates his energy to grassroots campaigns from health care and housing discrimination, to creating garden space where he grew up in South Central L.A.

Greg Gage has combined invertebrate preparations with off-the-shelf electronics, to create a kit that could provide insight into the inner workings of the body, specifically the brain. He is a TED2012 Fellow.

Arianne Cohen is the author of The Tall Book, where she shares the pros and cons of living life as a 6’3″ woman.

Steve Stoute is one of the most influential voices in pop culture. His work examines how hip-hop has transformed a new generation, conquered the global marketplace, and rewritten the rules of the new economy.

Jason Munshi-South is a researcher at Baruch College who studies the behavioral, ecological and evolutionary impacts of humans on the inhabitants of New York City parks.

Daniela Schiller is an assistant professor of psychiatry and neuroscience at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Her research focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying emotional control.

Garth Sundem is a mathematician who uses mathematics to answer everyday questions, such as whether to goof or study.

Chris Anderson is the curator of the TED Conference. (Watch his TEDTalks)

Ish Islam, Justin Long-Moton and Carvens Lissaint come from New York City’s Urban Word program, and are three of its finest young poets.

If you’re a student or an educator in the New York area, apply to attend the Manhattan event — we’ve extended the application deadline until midnight October 22.  Students outside the city are welcome to apply, but you might also look to see if there is a TEDxYouthDay event in your area — 85+ amazing events are happening around the world November 19-21. And many of these events will be livestreamed — including our own!

Videos from the TEDYouth program will become part of the amazing TED-Ed video archive, to be premiered in 2012.

Interested in applying to attend TEDYouth? Here’s how:

— Fill out the application (www.ted.com/TEDYouth) as best as you can

— Turn in your application by midnight, October 22.

On November 1, 2011, we will notify all applicants on the status of their applications. If you are a student who needs assistance with your application or have any questions about your application, please contact Nick Weinberg at (212) 346-9333 or nick@ted.com.