Steve Jobs' speaking techniques

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At TED, we make a job of scouring the world for ideas worth sharing and for speakers able to share them in the most compelling ways. So we pay attention when somebody delivers a great speech. And Apple CEO Steve Jobs certainly did so when, last January, he introduced the iPhone at the annual Macworld trade show in San Francisco, five months before the device actually hit the US market.

Communication coach Carmine Gallo has deconstructed Jobs’ job for A good primer for any speaker, with concrete, memorable examples. Read Gallo’s column, watch Jobs’ speech, or consider this cheat sheet: 1) Build up the presentation to something unexpected; 2) Stick to one theme per slide, and make them visually attractive; 3) Vary the speed and tone at which you speak to electrify the audience; 4) Three things are absolutely key: rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. 5) If you’re passionate about the idea or the product, show it.