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How Benjamin Button got his face: Ed Ulbrich on TED.com


In the latest release from TED2009, Ed Ulbrich, the digital-effects guru from Digital Domain, explains the Oscar-winning technology that allowed his team to digitally create older versions of Brad Pitt’s face for “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” (Recorded in February 2009 in Long Beach, California. Duration: 18:08.) Watch Ed Ulbrich’s talk from TED2009 on []

Twitter Snapshot: Amazed by Benjamin Button


As Ed Ulbrich addressed the crowd at TED2009, Twitter came alive with statements of amazement and admiration. He was explaining the role of technology in recent blockbuster “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Let’s roll the latest tweets: TED Live: Ed Ulbrich says his team of artists & technologists made a breakthrough in digital animation []