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Photographing the landscape of oil: Edward Burtynsky on TED.com


In stunning large-format photographs, Edward Burtynsky follows the path of oil through modern society, from wellhead to pipeline to car engine — and then beyond to the projected peak-oil endgame. (Recorded at TEDGlobal 2009, July 2009, Oxford, UK. Duration: 3:40) Watch Edward Burtynsky’s talk on TED.com, where you can download this TEDTalk, rate it, comment []

How to get involved in TED Prize wishes


Since it began in 2005, the TED Prize has been making wishes that call on the power of the global TED community. Here’s a roundup of current TED Prize wishes that you can get involved in — in large or small ways, with money, ideas, time or skills: + In 2007, biologist E.O. Wilson wished []

TED Prize update: "The Greens" turns 1!


When photographer Edward Burtynsky won the 2005 TED Prize, he wished that the TED community would help him teach kids how to live green. This month, his web cartoon series for kids, The Greens, turns 1 year old — and celebrates 3 million page views! Written and produced by WGBH in Boston (with partners including []

Ed Burtynsky’s beautifully monstrous "Manufactured landscapes"


If you are planning (you should) to go see Jennifer Baichwal’s documentary “Manufactured landscapes“, which opened last week in theaters across the US after spending a year mesmerizing film festivals audiences and will soon arrive in Europe, make sure you get there in time, for nothing describes the scale and essence of today’s globalized industry []

Ed Burtynsky's Manufactured Landscapes: The Movie


In an extended run at the Film Forum in New York City (and now playing in Philadelphia), the film Manufactured Landscapes is in the spirit of Edward Burtynsky’s 2005 TED Prize wishes: to show the world the size, the devastation, the sheer astonishingness of the industrial landscapes we have created — and to create a []

Ed Burtynsky brings the big picture to Brooklyn


TED Prize winner Ed Burtynsky is known for his extraordinary large-format photographs, documenting the impact of humans on Earth. His epic slideshow at TED2005 took us through unorthodox landscapes — mountains of tires, rivers of industrial waste — as eerily beautiful as they are disturbing. You can revisit them (at your own pace) at the []