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Talks from partner conferences on

Ever since we started putting TEDTalks online in July 2006, all of the talks and performances on — more than 160 so far — were recorded at a TED event: at our annual gathering in Monterey; at TEDGlobal in Oxford, UK, and Arusha, Tanzania; or during one of our TED Salons.

Now we join some very good company in a new phase of global idea sharing. Starting soon, we will begin releasing selected talks recorded at other conferences around the world. We are particularly happy that four important conferences have partnered with us to share ideas through They are:

+ the DLD (Digital Life Design) conference (January, Munich, Germany)
+ the LIFT Conference (February, Geneva, Switzerland)
+ the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship (March, Oxford, UK)
+ the Picnic conference (September, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

These are very diverse gatherings, attracting diverse audiences. Yet they all have at their core the same intention: They bring together bright minds to share ideas and ignite action. They take place in Europe, but are globally minded. We’re proud to be partnering with them. Watch for the upcoming talks by Indian self-education theorist Sugata Mitra, “continuous partial attention” guru Linda Stone and’s director Larry Brilliant — with more to follow in the coming months.

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