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TED Fellow and space archaeologist Sarah Parcak heads to ancient Rome

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TED Fellow Sarah Parcak is a “space archaeologist” who uses infrared technology coupled with satellite imagery to discover previously hidden ancient structures and cities. In this exciting talk from TED2012, she shares how she helped unearth an unknown Ancient Egyptian city through satellite imaging.

Now, Parcak is turning her attention to Ancient Rome in a new special for the BBC, Rome’s Lost Empire, which premieres this Sunday, December 9. For the show, Parcak pairs up with historian and presenter Dan Snow (above) and uses space archaeology technology to excavate secrets from the Roman Empire. Watch the trailer and find showtimes >>

See, this vast Empire stretched far beyond the Pantheon and Colosseum. In the documentary, Parcak pursues lost cities across the deserts of Africa and the Middle East as well as in the mountains and rivers of Europe. Through this adventure, Parcak and Snow give a new view of this once mighty world power.

Parcak has other news, too. She was recently presented with the National Geographic Innovation Challenge Award and will be teaming up with Louise Leakey, who gave the TED Talk, “Digging for humanity’s origins.” Parcak and Leakey connected at TED. Together, they will use the remote sensing to map early hominid sites throughout Kenya, while simultaneously teaching this innovative method to local budding archaeologists at a field school.