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TED Fellow Hakeem Oluseyi talks sonic booms and asteroids on NBC’s The Ed Show

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As Russian scientists gather fragments of the 10-ton meteor that streaked across the sky on Friday at 33,000 miles per hour, TED Fellow Hakeem Oluseyi took to the airwaves to weigh in on the event.

Oluseyi is an astrophysicist and teacher determined to bring science to poor classrooms across the world. His work has spanned cosmology, astronomical observation and exoplanets – all of which he shares in the classroom. Oluseyi has also pioneered the One Telescope Project, which aims to bring a telescope to each nation, driven by the idea that space is for everyone — and that understanding it is an endeavor that must be undertaken together, as one earth, rather than nation-by-nation.

On Friday, Oluseyi was invited on NBC’s The Ed Show to discuss the meteor that exploded over the Chelyabinsk region. In the clip above, he explained the sonic boom as well as the fact that another asteroid — one the size of a football field — just missed our planet.

Oluseyi also appeared on the National Geographic show Top Secrets: Doomsday and, last December, was interviewed on Evacuate Earth. Look for him next on the Science Channel’s series Alien Encounters: Are We Alone? which will be broadcast on March 5.