TED Fellows in the Field: Exploring Nairobi with “Blinky” Bill Sellanga

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Nairobi, Kenya is one of the undisputed hubs of creativity on the African continent — and TED Fellows are at the center of the action. They’re building global technology companies like Ushahidi and BRCK, making genre-busting music that draws on wide-ranging cultural influences and working with marginalized communities in Kenya to make sure their voices are heard.

Meet Kenyan musician, DJ and TED Fellow “Blinky” Bill Sellanga in the latest installment of the Fellows in the Field video series. Explore Nairobi with Bill as he works on his new solo album in his studio, wanders the bustling streets in search of inspiration and DJs at The Alchemist, one of his favorite spots in the city.

“If you’re looking at Africa, you take a look at Nairobi,” Sellanga says. “We’re just discovering ourselves and figuring out how to express ourselves in a way that makes sense to us.”

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